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How to monitor & optimize your data pipelines and workflows end-to-end

Bala Venkatrao
VP of Product, Unravel
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You are running data pipelines or workflows for mission critical objectives such as recommendation engines, reporting, ETL and more. How do you ensure that these big data applications run on-time every time?

Are you:

  • Unable to figure out why today's run is taking much more time than usual?
  • Frustrated trying to diagnose, and root-cause issues with your data pipelines or workflows?
  • Confused trying to figure out which component is affecting the performance of the entire app? 
  • Lacking a real-time, end-to-end view to understand what’s going on with your entire application?
Learn how you can now:
  • Root-cause and fix performance problems with 1 click
  • Get an end-to-end view of your entire data pipeline or workflow in one-place
  • Understand reasons for changes in performance between runs of the same data-pipeline or workflow
  • Easily monitor data-pipelines submitted from Airflow, Oozie, ControlM, Azkaban, or any other tool. 
Unravel is a big data application performance management platform (APM) that helps you improve performance and reliability of applications created with Spark, HBase, Kafka, Hive, Hadoop and NoSQL systems.
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