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Application Performance Management for Big Data - Resolve Big Data Performance Issues Faster

Kunal Agarwal
Co-founder and CEO, Unravel
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There's a better way to resolve Big Data performance issues than spending hours sifting through monitoring graphs and logs

Managing big data operations in a multi-tenant cluster is complex. It's hard to diagnose problems, like rogue applications, missed SLAs, cascading cluster failures, application slowdowns, stuck jobs, and failed queries. Also, it’s becoming hard to track who is doing what, understand cluster usage and application performance, justify resource demands, and forecast capacity needs.

But gaining full visibility across the big data stack is difficult because there is no single pane that gives operations and users insight into what’s going on – even with monitoring tools like Cloudera Manager, Ambari, and MapR Control System, people have to use logs, monitoring graphs, configuration files, and so on to try to resolve application performance issues.

Watch this webinar learn how to
  • Gain full visibility across the big data stack
  • Understand, improve and control application performance in production across systems like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Impala, Amazon Web Services, etc.

45-min On-demand Webinar