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How to Optimize Your Big Data Workloads Running in the Cloud

Kunal Agarwal
Founder & CEO, Unravel
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You're planning to or have already moved your big data workloads to the cloud because it's easier and cheaper. But have you thought about the needs of the business and how your operations team needs to manage your multi-tenant cluster to prevent rogue applications, missed SLAs, application slowdowns, stuck jobs and failed queries? Also, are you able to show the ROI and do you understand chargeback/showback for all your tenants? Current monitoring tools fall short to enable you to easily address these issues.

There’s a more effective and cost efficient way that can ensure 100% on-time apps, a 98% reduction in troubleshooting time, and a 60% reduction in cost - Application Performance Management (APM) for Big Data.

This webinar will help big data operations teams:

Monitor all your data pipelines and applications from a single location
  • Get a granular view of performance to better understand application behavior
  • Troubleshoot performance even after clusters have been terminated
  • Get powerful insights into data usage and access
Optimize S3 and NoSQL usage
  • Eliminate unnecessary data transfers to reduce latency and cost
  • Optimize storage choices for hot, warm, and cold data
Reduce cloud expenses
  • Get a granular view of chargebacks to applications, clusters, and users
  • Understand the cost of inefficient data processing and storage
  • Optimize your use of elasticity and spot instances
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