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How to Build Fast and Reliable Big Data Apps on Microsoft Azure HDInsight and Azure Analytical Services

Bala Venkatrao
VP of Product, Unravel
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Microsoft Azure HDInsight has made it easier than ever for enterprises to migrate or create big data apps in the cloud.
Thousands of apps are being generated every day in the cloud for business intelligence, data warehousing, machine learning and AI, graph analytics, and real-time IoT. However, the task of reliably operationalizing big data apps in the cloud involves many pain points that cause delayed time to value and spiraling costs.

Join Pranav Rastogi, program manager on Microsoft Azure Big Data, and Shivnath Babu, CTO at Unravel, in this webinar to learn how to build fast and reliable big data apps on Azure while keeping cloud expenses within your budget.

About the Speakers

Pranav Rastogi is a program manager on Microsoft’s Azure Big Data group. He spends his time making it easier for customers to leverage the big data ecosystem to build analytical solutions faster. Prior to Big data, he has spent his time in building scalable cloud services and enabling developers to be productive in writing web/ mobile applications. He has also co-authored a book around building web application on ASP.NET and is an active member of the open source community and leading groups around enabling developers to be successful with big data.

Shivnath Babu is the CTO at Unravel Data Systems and an adjunct professor of computer science at Duke University. His research focuses on ease-of-use and manageability of data-intensive systems, automated problem diagnosis, and cluster sizing for applications running on cloud platforms. Shivnath cofounded Unravel to solve the application management challenges that companies face when they adopt systems like Hadoop and Spark. Unravel originated from the Starfish platform built at Duke, which has been downloaded by over 100 companies. Shivnath has won a US National Science Foundation CAREER Award, three IBM Faculty Awards, and an HP Labs Innovation Research Award.

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