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Unravel 4.4

Latest Release includes New Capabilities for Operationalizing Your Big Data Applications at Scale; including Automated Remediation Actions, Capacity planning, Cluster Optimization and NoSQL support.

Bala Venkatrao
VP of Product
Unravel Data
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In this release, we've aimed to make the life of big data operations easier while making big data applications more reliable and higher performing by improving the following:

  • Auto-tuning - you can now tune jobs automatically to a desired goal (e.g speedup, SLA, resource efficiency etc.).
  • Capacity planning - predict the growth of your cluster and make an informed decision around capacity planning. 
  • NoSQL support - view HBase usage in a way that helps you identify outlier issues (e.g table/region hot-spotting) that could adversely affect your application and get remediation techniques.
  • Cluster optimization - get configuration tuning recommendations for the entire cluster.
  • Small files analysis - get a comprehensive view, with statistics, of all directories with small files.

About the Speaker

Bala Venkatrao is part of the founding team and VP, Products at Unravel Data. Bala’s prior experience includes working in product management/strategy roles at Elastic and Cloudera. Bala was an early employee at Cloudera where he was involved in a wide array of activities including product management, marketing, partnership development and customer advocacy. He holds a MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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