Eckerson Group Report - DataOps: Industrializing Data and Analytics Strategies for Streamlining the Delivery of Insights

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Eckerson Group Report - DataOps

Data is a critical business asset, but most organizations still don’t have mature processes for converting data into insights that drive business value

Read this report to learn how taking a DataOps approach will help you:

• Increase the value proposition of data and analytics by industrializing processes.
• Establish a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.
• Speed up processes and increase quality by providing streamlined data analytics pipelines via deep levels of automation and testing.
• Support the management and orchestration of heterogeneous technologies and stakeholders.
• Increase visibility in complex data landscapes and assure a stable and efficient operation of applications and infrastructure.
• Operationalize data science to provide more value to the business.

Unravel is a big data application performance management platform (APM) that helps you improve performance and reliability of applications created with Spark, HBase, Kafka, Hive, Hadoop and NoSQL systems.

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