IT Operations Best Practices for a Multi-tenant Big Data Platform

This guide is for:
Big Data architects

This guide covers:
How to ensure your Big Data architecture is ready to support multiple tenants to meet business SLAs and scale economically
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Simplify Big Data Operations with Application Performance Management (APM)

Addressing the challenges created by growth and diversity of big data applications in a multi-tenant cluster can be time consuming and costly for operations teams - rogue applications, missed SLAs, cascading cluster failures, application slowdowns, stuck jobs and failed queries just to name a few. Also, operations teams are under constant pressure to show ROI for their platform and need to create effective chargeback/showback capabilities for their tenants. They're looking for more proactive and predictive capabilities to better manage cluster resources and prevent any unnecessary outages.

There’s a more effective and cost efficient way that can ensure 100% on-time apps, a 98% reduction in troubleshooting time, and a 60% reduction in cost - Application Performance Management (APM) for Big Data.

This eBook will help IT operations teams:
  • Understand the impact of applications on your cluster performance
  • Identify outlier applications and root causes for their inefficiencies
  • Review cluster level usage reports, including chargeback/showback
  • Manage datasets efficiently to get the most of your cluster
  • Proactively manage your cluster and prevent outages
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