This sample report is the result of an Unravel Cloud Migration Assessment engagement and provides a glimpse into the insights and recommendations that Unravel provides to ensure a successful migration to Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

The Unravel Cloud Assessment is a software based solution for assessing and planning your Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR cloud migration project that will accelerate project timelines, reduce migration costs and reduce business risk.

The assessment help with:
  • Cluster Discovery - automated discovery of data infrastructure and application performance and reliability metrics
  • Performance Baselining of current data ecosystem, applications, and workflows
  • Identify most suitable apps to migrate to the cloud
  • Optimal Cloud Topology - provide data driven insights to create the optimal cloud topology that matches your specific technical and business goals
  • Compare Costs for different cloud options and recommendations for specific instance types, cluster sizing and storage
  • Validate your success by comparing application performance before and after the migration

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