Big Data Architecture Solution Guide

Is your Big Data Architecture multi-tenant ready?

This guide is for:
Big Data architects

This guide covers:
How to ensure your Big Data architecture is ready to support multiple tenants to meet business SLAs and scale economically
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Make sure the architecture you design doesn't fail to meet business expectations

Plan ahead using Application Performance Management best practices, to make sure the architecture is ready to support mission critical processes and applications to ensure the business doesn't experience performance bottlenecks or run-away costs.

In this solution guide you will learn about:
  • Business drivers for big data
  • Business expectations for performance and utilization of applications and platforms
  • Checklists and guidelines to plan, design, and scale your cluster
  • Best practices to manage performance and utilization of processes, pipelines, and applications
  • Solution architecture to optimize performance and utilization to meet business SLAs, minimize Total Business Cost, and scale a multi-tenant cluster to support DevOps collaboration
  • Business benefits of Application Performance Management for Big Data

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